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DEFEND | Elderberry Immunity Support Gummies

Getting sick sucks. Let us be your bodyguard! Boost your immune system just by popping a tasty gummy. It’s a delicious and mindful way to fuel and protect your mind, body, and soul – so you can move smarter.


HILO’s DEFEND Elderberry Immunity Support gummies are your ultimate defense against flu season:


• Contains a delicious cocktail of Elderberry, Vitamin C, and Zinc

• Supports the body’s natural anti-inflammatory responses and promotes immune health

• Contains powerful antioxidants to combat free radicals and improve overall wellness

• Contains no artificial colors or flavors

• Amazing taste of natural raspberry

• USDA organic

• Vegan friendly

• Low sugar

• Gluten free


Used medicinally around the world for centuries—in European folk medicine and in ancient Egypt, for example—elderberries have become known as one of the most versatile solutions for health ailments. The berries and flowers of the elderberry fruit are packed with immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory antioxidants including phenolic acids, flavonols, and anthocyanins. They’re also high in vitamin C, vitamin A, and dietary fiber, making for a significant health boost overall.


Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is an antioxidant that aids the body’s tissue growth, development, and repair. It has been used to treat and prevent a wide range of conditions and is most commonly associated with relieving symptoms of the common cold. Vitamin C is a water-soluble essential vitamin. In other words, it’s not found or stored in the body, meaning that we must obtain the necessary amounts of vitamin C through our diet. Vitamin C helps to boost your immune system, supports cognitive function, promotes healthy skin, and more!


Zinc is an essential nutrient found throughout our bodies. Because the body cannot produce or store zinc on its own, this essential nutrient must be obtained through our diet. Zinc has several important roles. It promotes healthy growth and development, immune function, wound healing, thyroid function, DNA synthesis, blood clotting, and more… and that’s barely the tip of the iceberg!